Product Description

  • Use in your existing chemical injection system for preventing stains caused by iron
  • Contains 80 cups (8 oz.) enough to make 80 gallons of the other liquid “Brands”
  • Includes; Easy screw off lid, measuring cup, and dry packet to protect from moisture.
  • UNRUST Stain Preventer works in all type of chemical feed systems.
  • Don’t buy a watered down product.
  • Buy UNRUST Dry Crystal 100% Concentrate and SAVE!
  • One 8 oz. cup of UNRUST equals one liguid gallon of other liquid chemicals.

5 gallon of UNRUST stain preventer

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  • Return and Refund Policy

    All, returns must be approved by UNRUST. An authorization number will be provided and must be on the return shipping box. Returned items must be in the original container. No refunds are provided unless you have an authorized refund number from UNRUST. Any refund is on a case by case basis and only available if the product containers are not opened. UNRUST makes no guarantees to the performance of their products, due to the uncontrollability in the way customers may use them.

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