Why Us?

Lawn care companies are as abundant as bugs in your yard.  Whether this is a new venture for you, or you are looking to replace a current lawn care service provider, you may be wondering:

  • What questions do you need to ask?

  • Are they qualified or certified?

  • How do you select someone to do the work?

  • How do you know if you have the right landscaping company now?

Well, of course we think you should choose Shaping Nature as your lawn care company, but in all fairness, there are a lot of good companies out there. Some independent companies focus just on mowing, blowing and on to the next yard. Other companies with multiple crews and franchise companies offer a full landscaping services from lawn treatment to yard clean-up. 

So, why Shaping Nature? At Shaping Nature, We take pride in delivering results! Working with you along with your budget to create a plan to achieve the desired landscape. Part of our process includes using an outside soil lab that will provide us with the soil ph and more to use as a guide in creating the right recipe to achieve results.


Why is testing and knowing the soil important? For optimum growth, turfgrass needs just four things (in the proper balance) to grow...sunlight, air, water and nutrients. Reduce any of these, or provide too much of any one, and the grass may die or simply suffer. In the right proportions, the grass will flourish, providing not only beauty to the landscape, but also a clean and safe place to play and many benefits to the environment.

Grass obtains three of these four essential factors (air, water and nutrients) from the soil, but many soils are less than ideal for growing grass. Some soils contain too much clay and may be very compacted... great for roads, bad for grass, because air and water aren't available to the roots and the roots can't grow. Other soils may have too much sand... beautiful on a beach, but difficult to grow grass because water and nutrients won't stay in the root zone long enough for the plant to use. Another frequently observed problem with many soils is that its pH (the degree of acidity or alkalinity) is too high or two low for optimum grass growth.

What Is The Best Soil For Turfgrass?
Loams, sandy loams and loamy sands, with a pH of 6.0 to 6.5 are the very best soils for producing a beautiful, high-use, low-maintenance lawn. Unfortunately, this ideal soil mixture is seldom found on any property after construction. When the property was first cleared, they bring in dirt from multiple areas to raise the level of you property. Having inconsistent soil types on your property can have areas in your lawn where grass grows great in one area and not in another. This is the reason we take 4 soil samples of you lawn to test but further testing maybe neccessary for certain spots in your lawn that is not improving.

At Shaping Nature, we want to make sure you are getting the service you deserve and will be happy to assist you with any of your landscaping needs - from just the old barber style lawn cut to full service lawn care. Check out our services page for more information about Shaping Natures services or just give me a call at 386-931-1830

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